Peter Horvath

IT Developer and process expert 

Web Generator


 I’m certain that everything can be improved. I enjoy seeking and finding solution which make things better.
I strive to work out creative solution an enforce innovation even on challenging. I also enjoy negotiation about required resources, time, and priorities where communication/interpretation is key. I like learning from people relationship and joint team effort, where the variety and sudden surprise provides me continuous learning points. I like accumulating and spread knowledge for making a better atmosphere and apply better solutions. I’m often asked for and do embrace challenges which were rejected by others. 

Strong fundament of IT

I learnt Information Technology during my school studies, earned my diploma being  Master of Information Technology, and also I'm learning life long in the field every day.  
 My initial interest was into SCADA, Reporting in manifacture and simultaneously to webdesign and PHP. I became expert in Unix/Linux/AIX system administration and use/maintain rational databases:
MySQL, SAP DB, and IBM DB2.    
I become familiar with Apache, Websphere Application server, various QMF systems.

Versatile programming skill 

My core programming skills are Java (J2EE, Spring, SpringMVC), PHP, and  my biggest interest is Web development, frontend. 
I'm an enthusiastic change agent who tries to adopt to the audiences needs and language, going for the best matchnig solution besides maintaing coding quality.
However I were always keen on to jump into projects where my participation required deepening my programming skills even outside of my core scope, so I built essential and strong skills  in C++, ASP, ASP.NET, c#, VB6, OCR programming . 

Further acquired skills

Supported several transitions and technical projects so I had a chance to develop my server support delivery expertise on mainframe operating system.
Based on my project, and people management skills I became more confident  dealing with problems, questions or concerns of any kind.
My own creativity drives me along the way when challenges emerging, which I support with diligent hard work.  During my latest managerial positions I enriched my P2P financial, Accounts Payable knowledge as well.